I do classic-, volume eyelash-extensions and refills.

Lenghts starting from 7 mm - 15 mm. You can choose between thin or thick lashes and different styles (how ever you like).

I will recommend what is best for you as I see your lashes. Difference between classic and volume is that in volyme-lashes there is 2-7 very, very light and thin lash in one eye-lash and classic lashes there is only one lash-extension for one eye-lash. Volume lashes are very light to keep. 


Eye-lash extension's are very great and EASY choise if you are tired or just lazy to put make-up (EXPECIALLY IN SUMMER TIME/VACATION!!) or you do a lot training and you want to feel you look good anyway. Like mascara, Extension's doesnt spread all over your face. It's also very good "lifting" to get lashes, like 10 years away from face.  You will see the difference in good way! 


Refill time is something starting between 3 weeks up to 6 weeks, depends person and how you treat lashes. Lashes started to drop as time goes by - only extension, not your own lash. They are not MEANT TO BE FOREVER so no need to worry about dropping, it's natural. Check Pricelist here.


I've been lash-stylist in Oslo, Norway last summer 2014 at Pille Joosep Studio. I've also done lashes in several places in Finland. 


Here is some samples.