To yourselve, with a friend or small group...

It's fun anyway!

Have you always thought you have a lot of make-up but no idea about how to use them or technique/tools? Or maybe you would like to try something new or just update yourself? Here is endless list of options, so come and find out, what is best for you! 


Just make appoitment to privite make-up lession! You can come by yourself, with a friend or as a group. Take contact and ask for special price/themes for groups (other questions are welcome also!).

Remember, there is no stupid questions!


You can also get a giftcard - ask giftcards here!


For one person time is 1,5 hour and for group starting up from 2 hours (depends how many person and what do you want to learn). 


Personally I have only good experiences and feedback from customers, it's really fun to learn new things together. 


I've been instructor in beauty- and stage make-up for Make-up Artist Academy Helsinki.