Past Exhibitions

Paikalliset taiteilijat Sievin Lylyllä

Sievi as., Finland

Curator: Lenka Reminkova 


Participating artist in group art exhibition at Sievin Lyly, Sievin asemakylä, Finland.

Theme for the exhibition was "Local artists". 

I exhibited landscape and atmospheric aquarelle-works.  


The Beginning of the Formula Design Concepts

Rovaniemi, Finland

Curator: Sanna-Kaisa Riihimäki 


I had the opportunity to propose the Formula Student pilot project to the University of Lapland. 
This was a collaboration together with vehicle engineer students of Tampere Formula Student team 
from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and industrial design students from Lapland University. 
Project was held outside of regular study schedule. 
I had a group of 11 designer students taking part in the project between Oct 2019-Oct 2020. After research and 
brainstorming each person in the team did their own concept idea for the Formula Student race car for 2021. 
Together with vehicle engineer students from Tampere Formula student team we chose 
two concepts to work on in January 2020. 
My concept is one of these, therefore I am introducing my version of the race car. 
After selection, we split our team in to two groups, for 3D modelling and scalemodel teams. 
Our plans changed a lot due to COVID and in the end we were able to make one full scalemodel from Petri Salo’s concept and from my concept there is wheels to be seen.
Project was EXHIBITED in Kilo Gallery, Rovaniemi Finland on September to October 2020.




with Gabriela Florea

Brenneriet Gallerie

Oslo, Norway

Curators: Gabriela Florea & Sanna-Kaisa Riihimäki 

Halfness // the state of being made up of two separate parts //

Graphic prints, woodcarving 

Exhibition together with Gabriela Florea (b.a 1993, in Bucharest, Romania).

Both artist worked independently with own portrait-halfs.